Sunday, 8 July 2018

Next supper is 4/8/18

You are welcome to join the feast of delicious home cooked authentic Pakistani dishes

Think of it like a professionally catered dinner party where you get to meet new people!
Plus you give the host a contribution towards the food and effort gone into the event.

August 4th 2018, Sheffield

Hope to see you there!


Kala chana chaat
Karachi egg masala
Jal jeera
Homemade chapatti
Murgh malai kebab
Coconut cucumber raita
Gobi pakora
Tarka dahl
Mango lassi cream cake

"Expect traditional Pakistani home cooking in big pans" - Guardian
"Chef Komal khan is the founder of the city's first supper club, and in preparing her menus, she calls upon professional cookery experience" Telegraph "Pakistani food, done with all the warmth and comfort of home cooking. This supper club is run by Komal Khan, a chef who is as talented at fusion cooking as she is at the traditional, so there are interesting twists a-plenty on her menu, as well as influences from all over the globe."- BuzzFeed

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