Tuesday, 1 April 2014

25/04/2014 Pakistani feast!

Enjoy authentic Pakistani cuisine at Sheffield’s only at home supper club. Discover new dishes and exotic flavours. Meet other food lovers. Experience the supper club that’s been talked about by bloggers, foodies and various publications nationwide.

All ingredients are sourced locally and only high welfare meat is used. Traditional Pakistani dishes you will not find in any restaurant! Fresh, bold flavours and exciting new favourites ready for you to try.

The next date is Friday 25th April 2014

The menu:

Fried Bhindi – Ladies fingers sautéed with delicious spices 
Aloo Chat – Potato and chickpea crunchy salad
Egg Masala – Free range boiled eggs with a rich masala sauce
Keema Muttar – Minced lamb with peas
Roghni Naan – Home made and delicious fluffy naan bread
Palak Dal – Lentils cooked with fragrant spices, garlic and spinach
Sheer Khurma A family favourite. Sweet dessert of vermicelli noodles cooked in milk and cream with cardamom, dried fruit and nuts.

Bring your own drinks.

For any questions and for introducing yourself please email Sheffieldsupperclub@gmail.com
Tickets released 11/04/2014
Arrive at 7:30pm
Limited availability!
I will do my best to cater for speciality diets, let me know in advance if you have allergies.
Thank you and I hope to meet you soon!