Friday, 23 May 2014

Pop up restaurant at Regather to celebrate vegetarian week - pictures!

Last night was amazing! Everything went smoothly and everyone enjoyed the food. The menu can be seen in the previous post. The kitchen is massive and the staff are so lovely. I made some new friends! Keep an eye out for future dates with regather. We're planning an outdoor one in a couple of months on the grass with a projector showing art and films! More people will be at the next one too, we're aiming for 35-40. Good job I love a challenge!


  1. what a wonderful capture .. really love this blog .

  2. I love this blog!

    This food looks so tasteful. I am a big food lover, recently i went to a posh restaurants in Sheffield the food there was very nice. My wife is a vegan and they catered for her needs with a full vegan menu for her.

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